Apparently, you were born this way.

We’re introducing a new monthly astrology column focused on all of the worst aspects of our personalities, as predicted by our Zodiac sign. Don’t come here to read about how special you are. Trust us.

The Zodiac unveils even the most subtle ways that our behavior differs from sign to sign. In this instance, to behave in one’s self interest. Below we’ve summed up all your bad behavior when it comes to your self-image and self-interest in a single phrase, according to your birthday.

Self-centered Taurus, for example, is your chatty, well-meaning Auntie who almost never asks about you and always says exactly what she’s thinking (no matter who she’s offending). But, at least she’s not straight-up selfish (like Gemini).

You can’t help it, folks. Blame the stars!

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How Self-Centered Are You? According to your Zodiac sign...

Aries is the leader of the Zodiac and is as self-absorbed as they come. They tend to alienate their friends and peers, and are the most likely to die single.

Gemini is always acting in their own self-interest. There's no convincing a Gemini to do anything they don't want to do.

We say that Taurus is self-centered in the most affectionate way possible. While they're generous by nature, they're ultimately preoccupied with themselves and their own affairs.

Sneaky Cancer is as self-serving as they come. We're willing to bet that entire #selflove fitness trend was started by a Cancer. But, she reminds us of what's most important– one's own happiness!

Regal Leo is kind and benevolent, but ultimately, the queen of the kingdom. She enjoys being the fawned over and can do NO wrong.

Poor, crazy Virgo. She's so painfully self-concious that she'll spend hours obsessing over past and future behavior. She seeks attention and affection from everyone, which leaves her constantly second-guessing herself.

Like Virgo, Libra is always wondering what others think about her, but the difference is that she's the queen of confrontation. She has a certain set of morals she lives by and if you cross her, she'll never forget.

Saggitariun sisters are the queens of self-gratification. A little indulgent. Seeking the latest thrill. But, always the life of the party!

There's no sign that loves themselves as much as Capricorn. They are smarter than most, a bit condescending, and rightfully so– they're on the winning side of the argument nine out of ten times.

Aquarians can handle their shit. They aren't wrapped up in all the self-analysis of most of the signs and therefore, tend to be darn right independent and more emotionally balanced than the rest of us sad suckers.

These spiritual babes are on their own realm, not like the rest of us self-absorbed jerks. Pisces tend to be sensitive, other-worldly and a bit more balanced than the rest.

Sexy scorpios can be vindictive and vengeful, but underneath all that selfish exterior is a lot of self-loathing.

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