Your Instagram feed is annoying, but the brunch lines are short and the hipsters have fled Silverlake

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Los Angeles when The Youth leaves town for Coachella and the rest of us can bask in the absence of about a third of the population. Celebrate Staychella during which traffic is reasonable, brunch wait times are reduced and Silverlake is barren. It’s nearly as empty in this town as it is during Christmas season, but the weather is better.

Here’s a few ideas for how to make the most of this special time:

Actually go to west for once

Discover what the other side of the 405 is like since you last visited. The Beach is there, remember?

Or, actually visit the east side if you’re on the west side

Why not finally check out a museum already. The Broad is incredible and The Museum of Ice Cream is open now, too.

Shop on Melrose

The racks are likely scoured of all festival attire. While you’re there…

Take a selfie in front of this Made in L.A. wall

There’s no one to witness your shameless selfies. Do like The Youth and post in front of this “Made in L.A.” selfie hot-spot, or that other giant pink wall.

Enjoy a bourgeois, boozy brunch

We recommend Paley in Hollywood, The Black Cat in Silverlake, Commissary in K-Town, or check out this giant list of boozy LA brunch spots from Thrillist for more recommendations.

Drive up and down the 405 like it’s Carmegeddon…

Why not go to Malibu… because you can. Consider KCSN’s Westfield Topanga Mall concert series  as a destination option.

Take a yoga, dance or soul cycle class

There will be room for you, for once.

Finally watch a movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Bring your large blanket and stretch out on the lawn while you soak in the outdoor cinematic joy.

Barnsdall Art Park

Find a Staychella friend and head over to Barnsdall like you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Go to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market

Stock up on your favorite locally grown organic veggies– you’ll have the first pick for once.

Go to the dog park

Even if you don’t have a dog– borrow one and enjoy the dog park like normal humans do in reasonably populated towns.

Catch a concert here in town

Stay local for good music where the crowds will be smaller. Try Bands in Town to peruse the options.

Park your car… anywhere

Street parking, metered parking… take your pick!

Grab a drink at these Hipster hot spots

Order a drink at one of these without having to elbow your way to the bar:

  • Ace Hotel,
  • Edendale
  • Dresden
  • Girl at the the White Horse,
  • Good Luck Bar
  • Hyperion Public
  • The Griffin
  • The Morrison

Hike at Runyon Canyon

We’ve never gone either, but we hear good things.





Shameless‘ Frank Gallagher was my father… but we never let him sleep outside in the snow.


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