Making healthy choices on social media

If you can, think back to a time before Facebook. When you went to work, or school, or a party– anywhere– it was your choice what you told other people about yourself. Or, hopefully it was your choice. Before I learned to strategically block people on social media, I would walk into work, and some co-workers would automatically comment on what I did over the weekend. The personal things I did over the weekend. Those activities were no longer personal– they were very public to anyone that I allowed as my friend on Facebook or follow me on Insta.

That’s when I thought, “hey, I really don’t want Betty in Accounting to think she can comment on my outfit from Friday night.” The reason she thought it was okay was because I had allowed her to follow me on Instagram, which clearly means we’re besties. So, I blocked her. Along with about 45 other coworkers and business associates. This obviously had some consequences and I had some explaining to do, but we’ll get to that later.

Blocking people on social media isn’t always about coworkers– it can be anyone you either don’t want in your life, or those you don’t want lurking around your life. Just because we have the technology to always be connected to everyone, doesn’t mean we should. Why should I have to share my life with my hundreds of co-workers, elementary school acquaintances, and random men I matched with on Bumble? I shouldn’t.

Here’s a few ideas for who you might consider blocking immediately:

Coworkers or Clients

I know this seems counterintuitive if you want to be “friends” with everyone you work with, but do you really want everyone in you office to know what you did over The Weeknd? Do you want someone to show your boss a photo of you taking a tequila shot while standing on a keg? Do you really want to see the political rantings of Sharon in Customer Service? As dramatic as this sounds, I have literally seen jobs ended because someone over-shared on social media.


Seeing an Ex’s photos on Insta can certainly be upsetting. Seeing them tagged in a photo with a new significant other can be enraging. Save yourself the emotional toll and the stress, anxiety, and potential rage and BLOCK THEM. Also, if you have the type of Ex that likes to Insta-stalk and harass you about what you do, for sure BLOCK THEM.

Anyone you want to be an Ex

Sometimes people just don’t get the hint. After saying “no” to a date for the fifth time means it’s time to block this person. Especially if you live in a giant city, like LA, you can pretty much be certain you’ll never have to deal with them again if you block them on Tinder.

Creepy AF People

I once had a customer service representative from a bank find me on Facebook and message me after I called the bank with an inquiry! In his message, he said that he felt a “connection” to me. I swear. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Immediate block and possibly call to the police.

Blocking someone on social media should be a conscious choice during which you weigh the pros and cons:


  • Not having to see ridiculous posts. This can be a blessing in itself.
  • Being able to live your life without worrying that certain people will judge it or even worse, comment on it.
  • Removing toxic people from your life.
  • Removing yourself from workplace gossip.


  • Hurting the person’s feelings. This is a big “con” that you need to weigh the benefits to the consequence. Suggestion: if you are blocking coworkers, you can simply say that you decided your Facebook was only for friends and family from that point on. They may still not understand, but it’s a pretty common practice to not share social media with coworkers.
  • Honestly, can’t think of any other “con.”

What it means to Totally Block someone from your life

This is a total blackout of all social platforms as well as phone numbers. I don’t yet know how to block email addresses or physical mail addresses, but I think it might involve a restraining order.

There may be times when things have gone so badly in a relationship that the “Total Block” is necessary. It could be that communication between the two parties has just become too hurtful and there is nothing else to do except call it quits. That is basically what that Total Block is– calling it quits. This is much more serious than just blocking some annoying dude on Tinder. When you block every form of communication with someone, you have to be okay with seriously not knowing if they ever reach out to you again. You have to be okay with not having them in your life– perhaps forever. This is by no means an easy decision to make but sometimes, it is absolutely necessary for your own mental and emotional health.

Hopefully you never have to do the “Total Block.” Hopefully you also never get tracked down by some Chase Bank representative on Facebook. Have you made the decision to block people on social media? We’d love to know in the comments below or on our Instagram account @secondglancemagazine.





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