It takes a lot of energy to be this spiteful

I recently learned about a hilarious study that demonstrates just how petty-as-fuck we are when we’re angry with our significant other. Apparently, research shows that people frustrated in a relationship sometimes deal with their feelings by buying and consuming brands their partners hate. This basically proves my theory that my fiancee intentionally gets that shitty, off-brand creamer when he’s harboring resentment about something. So I guess I’ll continue to secretly throw away all of his old socks. Cheers to all the petty, passive aggressive lovers out there! Here’s a few all-to-familiar scenarios that we’re all guilty of.

When you have to remember to clear your Netflix activity…

When bae just can’t take a hint about their attire

When you think about how you’re the only one who puts all the clean dishes away anyway..

When you totally just “found it” like that…

When you’re straight up shameless about your pettiness…

When bae was hoping that for once you’d act right in public…

When you were basically ready to burn it all down but then…

When they made plans without you…

When bae needs to know that you’re no fool

When the best you can hope for is that bae is as evil and maniacal as you are

When your fantasy relationships aren’t even safe from your pettiness

When it’s over and your pettiness drives you into a blocking rampage, but…





Shameless‘ Frank Gallagher was my father… but we never let him sleep outside in the snow.

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