SG Writer's Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for Second Glance. Whether covering casual interest stories or serious human rights issues, the articles in Second Glance appeal to women aged 25-40 who appreciate substance and wit in their prose. 

Second Glance’s editorial style, voice and tone

The goal of Second Glance is to first and foremost, captivate our reader. The tone of the articles seen on Second Glance may vary depending on the topic at hand, but our goal is to create edgy, funny and relatable content while demonstrating our serious commitment to journalistic integrity and excellence. The editorial voice of submitted works should be friendly, relaxed and conversational– and preferably sarcastic. Where appropriate, we invite you to insert your own flavor and personality into your writing. We want to know your point of view, and hear your voice.

Article length and expectations

We suggest that feature articles be no longer than 2,000 words in length, while departments and special interest articles may be as short as 150-300 words. We use the AP Style Guide.

Information contributing writers should provide

Please include your full name, phone number and website (if applicable). If we select your article for publication, we will also invite you to contribute a 150-word bio about yourself.

What to expect after submission

We do our best to respond to all editorial inquiries, but be aware that this is a small project operating on a shoestring budget, so please be patient. Allow at least three weeks for a response. In our commitment to quality and consistency, please understand that we will not accept all submissions, however, we will do our best to at the very least, send you a brief explanation as to why your piece was rejected.

Topics we are interested in receiving

Second Glance is interested in receiving submissions on a wide range of topics including:

  • Current events/pop culture commentary
  • Trending topics – what’s hot on social media at the moment
  • Social/cultural observations about the challenges of being a 20 to 40 year old woman in the digital age ranging from:
    • Sex, dating, relationships, etc.
    • Career and business challenges
    • Parenting and family
    • Dating
    • Friendships
    • Financial challenges
    • Generally trying to survive as human women
    • Travel
    • Health/fitness
    • Spirituality and self-discovery
  • Life hacks: how-to’s that are actually useful and not too aspirational
  • Special interests such as interviews with interesting artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, taste-makers or thought leaders. Q&A format is not ideal, but acceptable if highly entertaining.
  • Recommendations written in a useful, funny and entertaining manner including:
    • Lifestyle/habits
    • Music, books, television and film recommendations that appeal to our reader
    • Digital tools and other technology
    • Career/budgeting and generally being an adult person
  • Personal experiences, true stories and confessions
  • Motivational and inspirational pieces, but written in a personal or sarcastic manner. We welcome self-deprecating humor and sarcasm.

Think you’re right for SG?

Email your pitch with the subject line “EDITORIAL SUBMISSION” to along with a sample of your writing.

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