Because even if we are halfway to Friday, we still aren’t there yet.

It’s no secret that the editorial team of Second Glance Mag loves our share of snark, wit, and grit. Some psychologists may even consider it a personality disorder… whatever. The bitchy and more sarcastic a meme is, the more we smirk and cackle while figuring out how it applies it to our own lives. However, even the heartless need some good old-fashioned inspiration now and again. Life gets shitty for everyone. No one is immune. There have been days when I didn’t know how I was going to pay my bills. Days that I was convinced I would never be able to do anything right again, or write anything worth reading. Days that I felt alone and awful and convinced that the feeling would never go away. Days that my anxiety was so bad, it took superhuman courage to get out of bed to brush my teeth. Everyone has shitty times every once in awhile and could use a little inspiration. So for our weekly meme round-up, you’re going to get some inspiration. Don’t worry though, some of it is still a little snarky, because is anything really fun if there is no snark?
Most crappy things are simply not worth your time. The situation will be over and forgotten before you’re even done reading this post. The quicker you forget about it and move on, the happier you will be.
Choose happiness. Choose excellence. Don’t let shitty people change you.
From such a young age, little girls are taught to be passive, quiet, a “good little girl,” and defer to men. F- that. Do what you want and be fantastic at it.
No judgement, if you want to live a mediocre life and not make waves, please, go right ahead. But how freaking boring.
Yes, yes they are.
Wear the crazy outfit, give your opinion, paint your house neon green. If it makes you happy just do it. Who cares what other people think?
And now, here are some pictures of kittens and puppies. You’re welcome.



I have to be successful because I do too much drunk online shopping.


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