Whoever coined the term “humpday” probably never worked in corporate America.

Thursday and Friday can be just as brutal as Monday and Tuesday. At Second Glance, we recognize this. We can’t promise these memes will get you through the rest of the week, but hopefully, our five-step plan will get you to 5:00 p.m. today.

Step 1: Mentally picture one co-worker you would enjoy sending this to.


Via @thetinderblog

Step 2: Send the email before the meeting and hope it gets cancelled

Via @mytherapistsays

Step 3: Make plans for happy hour after work today.

Via @circleofidiots

Step 4: Pre-plan your Uber rides for Friday night.

Via @overheadinla

Step 5: Don’t let corporate bullshit dull your shine.

Via @bocaratonao. Featured image via @piperabo.





I have to be successful because I do too much drunk online shopping.


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