Delete your account, grilled cheese.

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month, we’ve rounded up the most revolting Instagram posts of grilled cheese ever. I mean, don’t even look. These gooey, greasy combinations of carbs and cheese– toasted to crispy, flaky perfection– are an aberration to our senses. Seriously… yuk. Avert your eyes. Don’t scroll down. Don’t. DON’T. (Image above by @tammynators on Instagram)

This is repulsive

Image by @bebadandbougie on Instagram


Image by @krupaconsulting on Instagram

Just look at this gouda/brie catastrophe

Image by @foodsofjane on Instagram

We’re offended

Image by @nakedcheesemaker on Instagram

Just stop

Image by @art.eats on Instagram

What a mess

Image by @jenngaw on Instagram

This is a disgrace

Image by @doughrii on Instagram

Three varieties of blech

Image by @foodiemobbb on Instagram

Worst dining experience ever

Image by @jacqueline_wq on Instagram

We’ve lost our appetite

Image by @occomestibles on Instagram

What a terrible way to spend a chilly evening in…


Image by @jenna.barber on Instagram

Such an unpleasant setting

Image by @zainabshihab on Instagram

This is plain dreadful… not at all heavenly

Image by @foodtasticflo on Instagram

Go home grilled cheese, you’re done. 

Image by @brunchboys on Instagram




Shameless‘ Frank Gallagher was my father… but we never let him sleep outside in the snow.


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