Thanks, pop.

This week’s Hump Day meme round-up is dedicated to all the dads out there this Father’s Day. The following memes are a round-up of some of the reasons I am grateful for my father. 

He forced me to get my scuba diving license even though I get claustrophobic…

He fostered my cat-lady lifestyle by allowing us to keep the kittens we snuck into the house.

He always encourages me– even when his advice feels slightly delusional.

He instilled in me a deep love of The Giants at an early age.

… and a deep hatred for the Dodgers.

Really, he instilled in me a love for sports in general.

And he never allowed me to be Jennifer.

Finally, he’s always reminding me…

Featured image by Sam Soffes





I have to be successful because I do too much drunk online shopping.


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