Maybe there was something to that chain letter curse after all.

Your weekly dose of mid-week memes to get you through your life. This week, we observe the highs and lows of being single.

Yes this is my current relationship status. And if I owned a restaurant, this would definitely be an option for reservations.

Maybe it is time to start taking these things seriously. Or maybe it’s time to try online dating.

Now I remember, this is why I hate online dating. That and the fact that there are just SO MANY CREEPS out there!

…… and SO MANY short men in LA 😱 However, something’s gotta give and I guess that something is going to be my dignity….

I’m ok with losing my dignity, as long as it isn’t my life…. I’ll have to ask for a DNA test before agreeing to meet anyone.

This is the best excuse to break up with someone I have ever seen. I don’t even think I would be mad. Definitely keeping it in mind when simple ghosting doesn’t work.

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I have to be successful because I do too much drunk online shopping.

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